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Project Delivery

Our project delivery method is simple: deliver everything and more than promised.


Material Management


Transparent Communication


Quality Control

As we see it, there are many ways to manage a project, but there is only one way to deliver it — on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of our client. Our passion, professionalism, and patience keeps us on target no matter what obstacles we face in the field. We manage projects with an intensely collaborative approach. Owners, design teams, and subcontractors are encouraged to freely share their ideas in open forums where everyone is heard, valued, and respected for their contributions. Together, we clearly define the objectives for each project and measure our success as we move through each phase. Transparent communication, safety, scheduling, budget, material management, and quality control are always prioritized in our operations. Our project delivery method is simple: deliver everything and more than promised.

M. J. Harris is building a legacy as a leader in safety. Our first commitment is to protect the well-being, health, and safety of our employees, trade partners, and clients.

We cultivate a strong culture of safety through emphasizing total awareness and shared responsibility. We proactively invest in safety resources and implement new safety protocols tailored to the specific environments where we work. Through engaging and empowering employees, we ensure that everyone does their part to prevent injuries and maintain incident-free construction sites. M. J. Harris carefully identifies and assesses safety risks to develop new best practices and continuously protect our most trusted and valued resource — our people.

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