M. J. Harris + BLOX

The team at the Doral Freestanding Emergency Department project in Doral, FL is partnering with BLOX to bring the many advantages of prefabrication to the job site. In short, BLOX is manufacturing the overhead MEP racks, bathrooms, headwalls, and sinkwalls at their warehouse in Birmingham, AL and shipping them to the job site in Florida to be installed as one big piece instead of installing piece by piece in the field.

This technology results in endless advantages. Prefabrication positively influences the schedule as it reduces competition between trades for space and time, and job site cleanliness as it reduces the dirty work that occurs on-site. It also increases safety (workers can stand at floor level instead of working overhead) and speed to market (many units can be manufactured simultaneous with the rest of construction, rather than in order), and reduces waste (calculation of materials is more precise).

See it in action by watching the video below!