Time Lapse Video Shows Erection of Precast at Delray Beach Medical Center

The new Patient Tower and Parking Garage Addition at Delray Beach Medical Center in Delray Beach, Florida has been under way since last year, with the Parking Garage addition being completed in the fall of this year. During the precast erection of the Parking Garage a GoPro was placed on top of the 250 ton crawler crane and hoisted 230 feet in the air to create a time lapse video.

There were 550 pieces making up the structure of the parking garage, with the heaviest weighing in at over 65,000 pounds. The garage has over 2,000 yards of concrete in the ground creating 8 million pounds of foundations, which hold up the structure. The garage structure contains 4,865 yards of concrete totaling 19.5 million pounds of concrete. This would be equal to 858 average driveways!

The crane itself is impressive, weighing a massive 525,000 pounds fully loaded with 219,000 pounds of tail counterweights and 80,000 pounds of undercarriage counterweights. Transport of the crane requires 12 tractor trailers.

Check out the link below to view the video!

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